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We Are Brothers

The production of Alpha Team’s 1rst Album is considered to be one of the miracles that God, the One whom Earth Bows Down To, is still doing with Sinful People whom accepted forgiveness through the Pure Drops Of The Blood Of Christ and have become Brothers And Sisters, dedicated to Do Good Things To All People and Glorify their Heavenly Father through worshiping His Wonderful Son, Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The album contains twelve worship and praise song, all of them were composed by the team members and all are in Arabic.

 Translation  MP3
Jesus, I am a Sinner
 One Sinful Moment
We Take Care of Good Things
Jesus, Listen to my Sighs
 Fill me with Strength
 One Drop of Blood
All The Earth Bows
Earth, Stop Spinning!
Jesus My Lord
 Jesus our Real Father
 I was a Leper
 We are Brothers