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Love Captured

"Love Captured" by God has more than one meaning. It can describe your path. Following in His word, following in the footsteps of His son Jesus Christ, and working toward having a closer relationship with Him. "Love Captured" by God, also has another meaning. This is to be wrapped in the arms of Christ. To be captured by His word and His love. To focus on having God not only first in everything that we do, but that He is the center of all that we are.

The album contains nine praise and worship songs that were composed by the team members and one renewed classical hymn, all in Arabic. To get the CD please contact us.

Alpha Team will be adding all the translation to the songs of this album soon.

 Translation Mp3 - Sample
I Promise You Jesus
There, in Heaven
I Will Never Sin
Crowned with Thorns
I Own no Other than You
Your Streams
Sing to God
From Your Heavenly throne
The Love of God
We Will Be